Thank you, NY-21!

This week as we’re gathering our ballot petitions it’s gratifying to look back on the journey that got us here and the motivated, caring and concerned people we’ve met along the way.

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Firearms and Society

A conversation about the role of guns should begin with reassuring our neighbors who are hunters that we are not proposing to take away their hunting rifles and shotguns. Showing respect to our neighbors and valuing their lifestyle is part of our daily lives.

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Meeting NY-21 One Home at a Time

David Mastrianni wants to meet NY-21 one home at a time!

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Supporting Students

Higher education is cost restrictive and leaves graduates in significant debt. Support non-profit community colleges, support loan relief programs, and support state schools.

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Meet David Mastrianni!

Where can you meet David? Here’s where we are headed!

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Healthcare Reform for the 21st

The current healthcare system does not cover everyone and is unsustainably costly. David says expand Medicare across all ages and allow Medicare to negotiate with drug companies on prices.

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People's Forum: What is the 21st Up To?

Community Event: A truly transparent town hall for New York's 21st Congressional District

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Saratoga oncologist David Mastrianni joins crowded NY-21 congressional race

A Saratoga oncologist, David Mastrianni, announced his candidacy for the 21st Congressional District in an interview Monday night.

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“of the people, by the people, for the people.”

If you wish to learn more about David M. Mastrianni, MD and his campaign or would like to help or support in any way...